Trip to NYC was very good. This was my first time going and I had such a great time. Started out by getting hammered at ATL airport…

Holeman & Finch

So, confession, a couple of years ago I got super drunk at a baseball game at Turner Field and my friend suggested I get a hamburger via Holeman & Finch. So my drunk ass waited in line, ordered one, no pickles. I later had dreams about this magnificent burger. Little did I know, there’s a … More Holeman & Finch

Traveling Solo

When I first thought about going to Denver, CO by myself, I wasn’t all that phased. I know some people find it difficult or scary, but I was excited. I honestly love being alone, for the most part. I don’t find it difficult to eat alone, I often ask strangers for directions or the best … More Traveling Solo

Rock City

Before arriving to Chattanooga, I had no idea what to expect. I did 5 minutes of Pinterest research (the only thing that really caught my interest was a German Brewery which we did not go to) so I really was along for the ride on this trip. So on Saturday, we went to Rock City. … More Rock City