Creating a Routine

Routines are something I really crave.. especially when I start to feel lost in my life. For the past couple of days… weeks? I’ve been feeling listless. (hah) I feel like I have no goals. Just constantly picking something up and getting distracted.

I want to make the following changes to my life. I know the importance of habit stacking. Somebody commented recently that they wouldn’t know what to do if they fell off one of their habits.

I responded, set hourly time-based foundations so that if you fall off after you take a shower (I mean, how many of us HASN’T scrolled on their phones for an hour in their towel?) You’d just have to wait until the next hour based habit.

The below is what I want to start incorporating into my life so that I can a) have my shit together b) feel accomplished daily and c) be healthier overall.

7am – Wake up with gratitude

  • Make Bed
  • Go to the gym for some wake up cardio
  • Or Yoga

8am – Shower

  • Have clothes set out from last night
  • Have a beauty routine that doesn’t stress you out
  • Hair and Accessories
three white ceramic pots with green leaf plants near open notebook with click pen on top
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9am – Work

  • Set foundations for habits at work
  • Set weekly and monthly targets for yourself, you know what the expectations and deadlines are
  • Set money targets and add in supplemental income to balance expenses

12pm- Begin feeding period

  • Make sure to stay within your calorie budget

6pm – Stop working

8pm – Stop feeding period

  • Do your chore of the day: Vacuum, Laundry, Wipe Down Kitchen, Wipe Down Bathroom, etc.

10pm – Read (Stop watching YouTube all night!!)

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook
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  • Meal plan
  • Get groceries
  • Prep lunch
  • Clean apartment
  • Take care all odd tasks I couldn’t do during the week
  • Go to a a meetup group once a month
  • Go on dates with intention
  • Explore your city
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on


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