Spending Freeze!

Sometimes y’all… I hate budgeting.

How dare you force me to come to terms with my spending habits! Holy sheesh I spend a lot on food and bars.

I JUST got finished with my Amsterdam budget. Only $100 over! That’s semi-easy to make back.

However, in my monthly budget, I’m like $2000 over budget. No bueno.

And I know why – it’s because this is the first month I’ve paid the apartment rent without having a tenant in the townhouse. AND I put in a new water heater. And my car insurance jumped up a bit. Ugh AND I just did my federal and state taxes for last year and I owe $1200… but that hasn’t even been taken out of my account yet. I’m getting in over my head.

They say the best way to make money is to spend less and make more.


So that’s exactly what I shall do until I’m in the black again. (Except for the brunch I’m about to go on with my roommate. But that was pre-planned before the spending freeze! /excuses)

Wonder how much a Postmates driver makes? Gonna try very hard not to get naked for money. Good thing I have a focus group coming up. Got SUPER lucky and landed a $300 study for 1 hour of my time.

close up clover depth of field environment
Photo by Roman Koval on Pexels.com

Will pick up my Lion planner again in order to keep track of my debt payback and calorie budget. Wish me luck!

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