The real goal is to live in Thailand

Out of all the places in the entire world that I could choose, I choose Thailand.  I love Bangkok, Thailand. To me, it’s a place of absolute freedom. Maybe I’m seeing it through rose colored glasses, but these glasses look good on me.

I want to set realistic goals.

So let’s see what is comparable from the apartment I have now to something in Bangkok. I don’t know the Thai equivalent of Zillow is, so I googled “thailand condo for rent” and clicked on the first link.

Filter functions make it so easy to see what I could be doing with my life.

Then I thought, airbnb!

So right now I spend $850.00 ish on rent. What’s that converted into baht? And how much should I cap it per day? As Airbnb does price per night, not month like I want. I mean, I definately could stay at one place, stay as long as I can, then move on to the next Airbnb. Traveling light for the rest of my life  ♡

I definitely could get used to all the amenities of a house without actually having to take care of it. Turns out, there are SO many cute comfortable places in the city.


2-bedroom-condo-for-rent-in-whizdom-station-ratchada-thapra-dao-khanong-bangkok-near-bts-talat-phlu (1)




It’s important to have healthy, realistic goals.

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