It is my birthday.

Usually when I wake up in the mornings on my birthday I feel excited. A special glow for a special day just for myself. A cheerfulness nothing can tarnish. But strangely not this year.

¬†Woke up without an alarm (honestly haven’t reset it since I got back from Amsterdam) and enjoyed drinking coffee and working from my laptop in bed. Full intention of going to the warehouse. I started googling “Free food on your birthday” and signing up for what I think I want…Free Starbucks drink, free burrito at Moe’s, free wings at Hooters, free pastry at Panera bread.

Hour after hour ticks by.. “Oh I’ll go after I eat lunch,” I lie to myself. I don’t wanna buy anything so I made some gnocchi with vodka sauce. Added a whole jalapeno cause I’m kinda sick. Then added half an avocado cause the jalapeno was super spicy.

Work and “getting ready” keeps me distracted. I NEED to get get my emissions test done. But I still haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Do have a statement necklace on tho. Silly birthday girl.

I guess what I really want on my birthday is just something low key. Just nachos at a tavern with whoever wants to come.

Just really doesn’t feel like a different day.

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