Holeman & Finch


So, confession, a couple of years ago I got super drunk at a baseball game at Turner Field and my friend suggested I get a hamburger via Holeman & Finch. So my drunk ass waited in line, ordered one, no pickles.

I later had dreams about this magnificent burger. Little did I know, there’s a bit of history behind this magical food item.

It used to be a limited menu item, only served at the restaurant after 10pm and only a limited number of them. Thank goodness they’ve now expanded across several locations and can now be enjoyed without limit!



So after work one day, I was craving a hamburger. And the thought popped into my head. Get a H&F Burger!! I immediately plugged the gps coordinates into google maps and drove to the Peachtree location. Beer and a burger? Yes, please!

It was a little pricey at $14 but a girl knows what she wants.

Couldn’t resist taking a bite!

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