$100 Weekly Budget -Success!

Another budget challenge! This week I wanted to spend less than $100 on things that I normally just swipe my credit card for. Thankfully, I went to Kroger on Sunday evening and grabbed a few essentials: onion, green beans, olive oil, wine 🙂 You know, the essentials.

Mon 1/7


Tue 1/8


Wed 1/9


Thurs 1/10


Fri 1/11

$20 – Went to Anatolia with J. Split a hookah and drank a beer.

Sat 1/12

$10.79 – Went to SoGongDong Tofu House in Buford with some of my friends from AKLM. I could’ve denied the invitation, sure. I definitely had pasta and other things to eat in the house. But my roommate had a cold and I could feel my body trying to get sick. So hot tofu soup it is! I’m still doing Vegetarian January so I opted for mushroom instead of my usual preference of meat & seafood.

+$.83 – Went to Plato’s closet with the intention of selling my blazers that are one size too small for me. They turned down ALL of them except for 1 jean jacket. I traded it for a black dress. (Because, of course, black dresses are my uniform)

Sun 1/13


TOTAL SPENT: $29.96/$100. SUCCESS!! Turns out, eating lunch from home or wrangling your boss to buy lunch for you, is really budget friendly. 🙂 I will continue this practice.

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