Boots & Condos & Amsterdam

Quick life update! I have been obsessed with finding the perfect travel boot for springtime. Reason why? I’m going to Amsterdam for my birthday!!!

The weather is predicted to be 49° / 36° in March so still very chilly. I know I’ll be bringing my trusty sneakers along but I still want some chic footwear in the form of black boots.

So I’ve been on the hunt for some perfect shoes. Looking for black or grey, no laces, sturdy enough for stomping around Europe and comfortable enough to walk for 8 hours. Shaft must be ankle height with little to no heel. I’ve been looking at Converse, Clarks, Sketchers and some other brand names I know are comfortable but, alas, no fruit.

Read more about how I got a free flight to Amsterdam here~!

Comfort level is so hard to gauge unless you actually go to a store and try on. So I took my ass to the mall cause I know there’s an H&M in there. I tried on some boots there, another shoe store, and Burlington’s, but nothing sparked my interest.

Tryna get like you girl! Except in all black.
Tryna get like you girl! Except in all black. Photo by Godisable Jacob on

In other news, I’ve had a goal to turn my current townhouse into a rental property and move closer to the city. I know by 2019 this goal will come to fruition. Zillow and Redfin have become my best friends. Currently have tabs galore open. I know some people are super bothered by have a gazillion tabs open but I love it. 

Some criteria for my new place to live are:

  • Must have a patio
  • Garage or covered parking area
  • A beautiful view
  • Prefer a gas stove
  • Pool & gym are preferable
  • Laundry in unit
  • and gotta have a decent monthly HOA

I’m just a simple girl. Not asking for too much, am I?

stairs home loft lifestyle
Photo by Life Of Pix on

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