7am Snooze. Alarm ringing in 5 min intervals.

8am Morning sex ♡

9am Get to work and immediately devour a jumbo chocolate chip muffin with my morning black coffee.

Glasses: Eye Buy Direct. Eyeliner: Paris Hilton. Scarf : Mom. Sweater: American Eagle.

10am Play solitaire on my phone in the bathroom. Gotta eat more veggies.

11am Check on one of my stations. Not impressed today.

12pm Feeling very listless today.

1pm Decide I want Korean noodles for lunch today. There’s Assi Mart food court across the street that has all kind of yummies.


2pm My heart and belly were so full! I was sitting right next to where they make 붕어빵 and I was very tempted to get some. They have 2 flavors, traditional red bean or creamy custard. I think $7 for 6 mini fishes. It’s all cold and dreary outside so out would’ve been a cozy treat.

3pm Wandering around the office

4pm Find myself in the IT Dept recruited to do stuff.

5pm Not motivated to stay past 5pm. Homeward! Leftover blunt.

6pm Dishes. I hate dishes with a passion. But I told myself I could go to pub trivia if I did the dishes. Also remembered that I told Deb I was going to try to make purple cauliflower Alfredo sauce over spaghetti squash. It’s still on my mind. Nobody responded about trivia so I’m not going.

7pm Watching Nailed It! Holiday edition.

8pm The munchies are too strong. Popcorn and beer putting my calorie intake over the threshold. Didn’t buy any more blunt wraps at the gas station trying to have some form of self discipline.

9pm Fall asleep on the couch. Zzzzz

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