Traveling Solo

When I first thought about going to Denver, CO by myself, I wasn’t all that phased. I know some people find it difficult or scary, but I was excited.

I honestly love being alone, for the most part. I don’t find it difficult to eat alone, I often ask strangers for directions or the best place to eat in the area. When in doubt, I always ask, “Do you speak English?” and go from there! So far I’ve been to… 

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I booked a flight to Denver in 2016 cause I found a cheap flight through either Frontier or Spirit… one of those budget airlines. Cause, why not?

I stayed at an airbnb a couple miles away from downtown. I got my own private room with a shared bathroom. The hosts were super chill and left me alone for the most part. (I did hear them having sex through the walls though.) Their backyard was a pretty good size. There were definitely chickens and sunflowers. It was chill. I smoked a blunt and chatted on the back porch with the host on my last day there.

As far as wandering around downtown Denver… breweries and restaurants were abundant. It was actually a lot hotter than I was expecting. I had packed jeans and stuff so thankfully the Denver Art Museum was a nice cool place to hang out. I have friends there that I hadn’t seen since 2007 from England so it was nice to catch up with them.

Downtown Denver view from View House. Photo taken by me.


Quebec was wild yo! I mean, in a very Canadian way. I went because, again, I found a cheap flight.

I stayed at a cute airbnb off Cartier St. which was a perfect location. I booked myself a food tour to have some kind of plan when I went, also to familiarize myself and walk around the downtown area and meet new people. I spoke with one lady on the food tour and she applauded (not literally) my boldness to travel solo. She said she had been doing it since the ’80s, going to Europe and South America and such. I wish I would’ve gotten some contact info from her…

I also made friends with people from Couchsurfing. I had made the CS request but then chickened out cause nobody was responding so I booked the Airbnb. THEN I get contacted on CS. C’est la vie. So I said, I already have accommodations but would love to be shown around! Both Couchsurfers I hung out with were very genuine and showed me a good time.

This view made my heart soar!

And of couse, if all else fails, “Excuse me, can you take my picture?”


When I first booked my trip to Italy, I was so fucking pumped. Alone in Europe for a week? My heaven.

I asked a few of my friends if they would like to join me, secretly relieved when they said no. So I made myself an itinerary, hopped on all kinds of trains and buses, ran around northern Italy and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

For the most part, I stayed with Couchsurfers except in Florence where I booked a hostel. Both experiences had their ups and downs. My total lodging expense was like $40 bucks so I can’t get too bent out of shape. I met all kinds of awesome people and had a blasty blast.

The view from the train station at Riomaggiore.

Overall, I truly love traveling solo. It gives me time to learn about myself and in turn, the world around me.

Tell me about your most recent solo trip in the comments below!

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