Decluttering My Room: A first step to minimizing

I’m a military brat. I’ve been moving pretty much my whole life. Every 4 years, to be exact. If anyone, I should definitely see the importance of decluttering and keeping your life clutter free. After all, one could pack up and leave at any moment.

So I’ve decided, out of my whole house, to start with my bedroom. I spend the most amount of time there and everything in it is mine.

So here we go with project Decluttering 2018! I have taken photographic evidence of how it is right now and will take you along my journey for a cleaner more minimalistic life.

So the above is what I’m currently living with. Not my greatest achievement but at least I can clothe a small army.

My goals are to:

  1. Get rid of things that don’t fit/ I haven’t worn/ out of style
  2. Mend all clothes that need it
  3. Create a capsule wardrobe for myself that can be worn for all my needs
  4. Have my bedroom tidy enough that I can rent it out on airbnb

Debating on selling the dresser and moving all the pants and skirts that are in there to my closet. Then using that space for a desk. Thoughts?

Have you tried decluttering your room/closet? How did it turn out? 

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