4th of July in Duluth, GA

Happy Independence Day, America! Why oh why did you have to fall on a Wednesday?

Crowds celebrating 4th of July in Duluth, GA

Friends and I decided to get together and go see the fireworks in our little downtown square. I haven’t actually been to downtown Duluth in quite some time. When I got there, I was shocked! There were so many new spots that had popped up!


For the festival, food trucks and street musicians were everywhere. The different smells wafting from peoples dinner and the food trucks was intoxicating. Snippets of music from both stands were intermingling with each other. First stop… free nuts!

Mmm candied pecans!

I have such a love for candied nuts y’all. Living in Germany, they would sell hot candied pecans and other varieties hot off the pan. I promised I would double back and get some when I had some real food in my belly.



There were countless food trucks and such a variety of cuisines. Burgers, bahn mi, ice cream, gyros, pizza… tough choices to be made this night.

We ended up eating at Chefs on Wheels cause… who can resist?


Just from the photos pictured on the truck, I knew I wanted it in my mouth. Upon further research, they turned out to be Hungarian Langos with a twist. It’s like a deep fried flat bread with toppings. I got shrimp po boy. It was sooo good. In fact, no pictures of my meal because I inhaled it.

Crowds in front of Dreamland BBQ. Duluth, GA

We drank beers and stayed for fireworks. Overall a pretty fun Independence Day. I can’t wait to see what other festivals there are this year! I’ll keep you guys posted.

How did you celebrate your independence day? 

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