Rock City

Before arriving to Chattanooga, I had no idea what to expect. I did 5 minutes of Pinterest research (the only thing that really caught my interest was a German Brewery which we did not go to) so I really was along for the ride on this trip.

So on Saturday, we went to Rock City. Apparently in 1924, a guy decided that it would be a good idea to put a residential neighborhood on top of Lookout Mountain. He wanted to put a golf course on it but that didn’t really work out – so now instead we have mini golf. His wife, Frieda Carter, was really into European folklore. So she made a rock garden with hella gnomes and fairy tale characters all around. Seriously, so many gnomes.


Hey look! It’s me and a gnome!

It was a pretty fun walk around with the weather holding up. Got to see all kinds of different flowers and trees. There was also a fun rickety bridge and gaps, one called “Fat Man’s Squeeze”.

A band of gnomes and one guy up on a swing.

A waterfall in the middle of the gardens.20180623_181151.jpg

From this vantage point you are able to see 7 states from one spot. The terrain wasn’t that much different so you couldn’t really tell which state was which but there was a handy sign.


Afterwards we went to a liquor store where I picked up Apple Pie Moonshine and a bottle of wine. Fuck yeah.

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