Italy Trip Itinerary

Just a quick glimpse of how I plan things for traveling. Starting with the dates I am traveling I leave big blocks of empty space to fill with what’s going on that day. Usually flight & hotel info go in first. Then modes of transportation or contact information. Then I break down the places I want to see and group them by neighborhood for easier planning.

Mon Feb 19

@9:00pm Depart ATL

-1.45 layover Heathrow-

Tue Feb 20

@2:45pm Arrive LIN

Find couchsurfing. Staying with Sergio.

  • Duomo di Milan
  • Ciocaccolati Italinai ice cream
  • La Rinsacente bar


Wed Feb 21

Go to Florence

PLUS Florence Hostel check in 2:30p via Santa Caterina D’Allesandria 15.

6 euro city tax!

  • Mercato Centrale-food court upstairs
  • Trattoria Za Za – gnocchi
  • Piazza Reublica – hidden rootfop apertivo
  • L’aAntica Cantinadel Chianti
  • La Proscutteria – wine bar
  • All Antico Vinaio-sandwiches

Thur Feb 22

  • Pontevecchio
  • La Cucina del Garga
  • Vivoli-gelato
  • Bargello National Museum
  • Piazza Michaelangelo – view!
  • Il Santino – wine bar
  • Palazzo Strozzi museum

Fri Feb 23

  • Beccaria, Via Gidberti – neghborhood
  • Yellow Bar – gnocchi

Sat Feb 24

PLUS FlorenceĀ  check out 10:00am

Go to La Spezia/Novio/CInque Terr

Go to Genoa

Staying with Saturnino

Sun Feb 25

Mon Feb 26

Go to Milan

Staying with Leone

Tue Feb 27

@11:20am Depart LIN

-1.40 layover Heathrow-

@6:45pm Arrive ATL

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