Creating a Routine

Routines are something I really crave.. especially when I start to feel lost in my life. For the past couple of days… weeks? I’ve been feeling listless. (hah) I feel like I have no goals. Just constantly picking something up and getting distracted. Advertisements

Mortgage Payoff

Debt pay down plan options… Option A: Keep paying my mortgage at a steady rate. Have more (liquid) cash in your savings. Eat the PMI. Sell when you want. Option B: Pay off my mortgage as fast as possible due to the PMI. Have less cash in savings. Sell when you want. Option C: Pay … More Mortgage Payoff

To Do: 10am – Meet the Plumber 11am – Hiring Pipline Data 1pm- Weekly Staff Meeting – Cancelled 3pm – Team Hana Meeting I need to make more money.